• Services of Fintegrity

    Integrated Financial Services

    Fintegrity provides complete accounting and financial services and cloud financial systems required for company operations.

    In order to enable more SMEs to benefit from the cost-effective CFO financial management, Fintegrity standardized and classified their files to provide flexible and highly customized services for our clients.

    • Tax Consulting

    Fintegrity helps companies optimize taxation to achieve reasonable compliance.

    Fintegrity assists enterprises to start financing and complete the entire financing process.

    Fintegrity helps clients with registration, change, filing and consultation of legal compliance of industrial, and commercial tax.

    • Social Security and Provident Fund

    Fintegrity assists enterprises to complete basic social security and provident fund payment.

  • CFO Team

    • Managing Partner & CFO of Scandinavia
    • leading PE/VC fund and accelerator in China
    • CFO of famous Scandinavia trading company in China
    • AVP of Scandinavia biggest bank in China
    • Asia Financial controller of Global top
    • Scandinavia certification company
    • Financial director of several fortune 500 companies

    About us


    Fintegrity creates a new concept of integrated financial services. Through the effective integration of accounting, CFO financial management, tax, and legal services, we provide cost-effective, flexible, and highly customized services to SMEs.

  • Strategic Partners of Fintegrity

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