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【Webinar review】Visa and working in China

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The webinar about visa in China in the epidemic mainly involves three parts, and we will summarize them in this article for  your reference.

The webinar about visa in China in the epidemic mainly involves three parts, and we will summarize them in this article for your reference

  • New measures of visa in the epidemic

Two-month extensions are granted to foreigners whose visa or residence permits expire during the epidemic prevention, and the extension shall be automatically applied from the date of expiry. The extension applies to foreigners engaged in innovation, entrepreneurship and scientific research. Temporary residency registration can be obtained online through the website: (English). Additionally, the EEAB has established a foreigner’s hotline — Tel: 28951900

  • Work permit in China

Employees must meet basic requirements in order to qualify for a work permit based on the categories mentioned above. General requirements include:

  1. Be at least 18 years old and in good health.
  2. Not have a criminal record.
  3. Have a specified employer.
  4. Have the requisite skills and work experience to fill the employer’s vacancy.
  5. Have a valid passport and any other required travel documents.

Since 2017, China rolled out a new regulation that combined the old Alien Employment Permit and the Old Foreign Expert Certificate into one and single work permit: the Foreigner’s Work Permit. The idea is to streamline the process for top-level talent and to identify, and possibly bar, low-level applicants from entering China to work. Under this new regulation foreigners seeking employment in Mainland will be categorized in 3 classes; A, B, or C depending on the qualification and the skills of each foreigner.

A = high-level experts. B = professional workers. C = low skilled workers. For more information, please refer to:

  • Implications of illegal working in China

Penalties for illegally working in China, including:

  1. Fines of between RMB5, 000 and RMB20, 000 for foreigners working without valid employment documentation. Detention of 5 to 15 days may also be imposed in serious circumstances.

  2. Fines of between RMB5, 000 and RMB50, 000 for individuals that recommend foreigners for illegal employment.

  3. Fines of between RMB5, 000 and RMB100, 000 on employers for each foreigner illegally employed. Illegal earnings may also be confiscated.

  4. For foreigners illegally residing in China, the New Law provides for the PSB to issue a warning. In serious circumstances, a foreigner may be fined between RMB500 and RMB10, 000 per day or detained for 5 to 15 days.

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