• The Importance of Accounting

    As we all know, the domestic financial accounting service field has been in chaos for many years and the various service providers in the industry are uneven in quality, and there is a serious lack of professionalism, standardization, responsibility, and service awareness.
    What's more, in the absence of industry standards and norms under the current situation of exaggerated, alarmist inflated prices.
    Unqualified accounting quality brings hidden trouble to SMEs' growth. At the same time, it will bring serious aftereffects for future financial expenses.


    Accounting Services

    Fintegrity creates a new concept of integrated financial services. Through the effective integration of accounting, financial management, tax and legal services, Fintegrity provides cost-effective, flexible and highly customized services to SMEs.


    Fintegrity takes CFO service as the core, and CFO controls the accounting quality. Therefore, the accounting quality is sustainable and meets the standards, also is essential for future financial management.

  • Four Reasons to Choose Fintegrity


    Fintegrity provides flexible and quantifiable CFO services. Different levels of CFO can also meet different financial management needs. Therefore, Fintegrity's CFO service can meet the cost-effective demand of SMEs.



    Professional team

    Compared to an internal CFO, Fintegrity provides a dedicated CFO team. At the same time, this team will have an internal CFO team for technical and professional support. Enterprises can get the most objective, optimized, and comprehensive recommendations, which would reduce the risk of subjective judgment.

    Reduce operational risk

    Compared with internally hiring CFO and financial management team, it is easier to face the risk of personnel loss and internal ethics. Choosing Fintegrity's CFO service can get stable team service and legal protection.






    Highly customized

    Different types of SMEs have different requirements for financial management. For example, trading companies pay special attention to the financial control of receipts and payments and cash flow. Enterprises that focus on high-price and long-term projects pay special attention to project financial control. Fintegrity will analyze the business attributes of the enterprise, and the current financial management needs to provide highly customized CFO services.

  • Integrated accounting services

    We provide complete accounting and financial services and cloud system that will be needed in
    the daily operation to our member.

    • Establish Cloud finance system that can integrate business into accounting recognition.
    • Collect accounting documents and edit accounting book.
    • CFO consultation.
    • Provide the accounting calculation form that will be needed for accounting.
    • Provide a complete accounting management system and procedure (incl. monthly closing,
    payroll and voucher system and procedure)
    • Training to members' financial knowledge to align with our accounting management system
    and procedure.
    • Edit customized monthly income statement and balance sheet
    • Invoicing (Fapiao) and Tax reporting


    After the authorization of enterprise customers, we will introduce downstream clients, upstream suppliers, and parallel cooperation channels to them under appropriate circumstances.

  • Applicable Enterprises

    Start-up Enterprises & Trading Enterprises

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    Start-up Enterprises


    • Eliminates the need for an in-house financial team
    • Cost-effective
    • Professional CFO guidance
    • Navigates and avoids hidden dangers of financial expenses
    • Helps encourage start-up growth
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    Trading Enterprises


    • Rich experience in e-commerce, cross-border trade, and other trading enterprises
    • CFO with multiple trading companies
    • Perfect invoicing system and system plan Provide a complete internal control process system
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