• Partner Team

    Safeguard financially sustainable development of small and medium sized enterprises

  • Partner Team

    We have a diversified Partner team with experienced expertise cross industries.

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    Joseph Zhang

    CFO, Accounting and Tax

    10 years' experience as CFO in Nordic VC fund & Accelerator, Multinational Corporates, Starups with Financing over RMB 100m and Corporate banking.


    The Norwegian Consulate, DNVGL, DNB, Icefresh, nHack etc.

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    Yue Wu

    CFO and Accounting

    20 years' experience of Financial Management in several fortune 500s.

    Unilever, Black & Decker, SCA, Ajisen, Teaching in Golden Education etc.



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    Gibson Ng


    13 years' tax experience in KPMG and EY.


    CMA, CVA

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    Jean Bory

    CFO and Accounting

    15 years' experience of finance in IT, retail, consulting, banking, education in companies such as Carrefour, Atos, AS, etc.

    An academic background in both finance and computer science.


    MBA, SAP

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    Lee Zheng

    Entrepreneurship and Accounting

    10 years' experience of entrepreneurship in business incubation, cross border retail trade and tourist business.

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    Cathy Li

    Accounting & HR

    10 years' experience of COO and entrepreneurship in cross-border trading and sourcing in China.

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    Iola Wang

    Financing and Business consulting

    10 years' experience of Business consulting in KPMG, EY and PwC

  • Senior Consultant Team

    We have a diversified consultant team to meetcome any kind of need

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    Financing and Industry consulting

    • Over 10 years experience in Iinternational energy industry management and investment, including management of over 8Bn USD advance manufacture life-cycle projects; with both SOE and overseas working experience.
    • Familiar with Chinese government agencies operations, and has a strong global industry network.
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    Trade Finance

    • Over 10 years' experience in transaction banking for both cash and trade products sales. Sophisticated in document trade, internantional settlements, bill disctounting and forfeitings under Import/Export transactions.
    • Solid knowledge in international trade, familiar with operational procedures of banking srvices under cross border transactions.
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    • 20 years' experience of financial management in several fortune 500s. Strong focus at Financial Management and strategy.
    • Have worked in Honeywell, Moen, Hirlpool etc.
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