• The Importance of CFO

    Small and medium-sized enterprises do not pay attention to financial management in the early stage of development, not to metion to hire a full-time CFO. In addition to hiring full-time professional CFO, lawyers and tax professionals are not cost-effective.


    Informal statistics show that 30-40% of larger or smaller businesses, account for this lack of CFO financial management leads to business failure.

    CFO Service

    To enable more SMEs to benefit from cost-effective CFO financial management, Fintegrity standardizes and categorizes the field of CFO financial management and
    provides SME with flexible and highly customized services.

  • Fintegrity is the best solution for financial needs


    Easy to initiate, adjust and terminate financial service.


    Recruitment costs

    Reduce recruitment financial costs, time costs, recruitment risks and quality.


    Fintegrity provides flexible and quantifiable CFO services. Different financial management needs can also be met by different levels of CFO. Therefore, Fintegrity's CFO service can meet the cost-effective demand of SMEs.



    Professional team

    Compared to internal CFO, Fintegrity provides a dedicated CFO team. At the same time, this team will have an internal CFO team for technical and professional support. Enterprises can get the most objective and optimized comprehensive recommendations which could reduce the risk of subjective judgment.

    Reduce operational risk & Risk transfer

    Hiring CFO and financial management team enables corporation owners to avoid loss caused by sis easier to face the risk of personnel loss and internal ethics. Choosing Fintegrity's CFO service can get stable team service and legal protection.


    Transfer professional risk to service provider.


    Highly customized

    Different types of SMEs have different requirements for CFO financial management. For example, trading companies pay special attention to the financial control of receipts and payments as well as cash flow. Enterprises that focus on high-price and long-term projects pay special attention to project financial control. Fintegrity will analyze their business attributes and the current financial management needs to provide highly customized CFO services.

  • CFO Services

    We provide flexible, focused and customized CFO services to meet the functional

    needs of different aspects in financial management.

    Please click the service to view the introduction of it!


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    Liquid Capital Managment

    Suitable for trade and production-oriented enterprises

    • Establish frame management of accounts receivable and payable periods
    • Establish liquidity management and forecasting
    • Supplier Management
    • Analyze and find liquidity gap solutions

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    Financial Controll (suitable for any business)

    • Establish and control the accountsreceivable and payable.
    • Multi-dimensional framework for sorting out income, costs and expenses
    • Combining business and financial dataThe basis for establishing a cash flow budget
    • Formulate operations and standardfinancial operations

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    Financial Model Analysis, Design and Management

    • Quantify business into a computing framework that can be measured and reviewed
    • Reasonably match revenue and cost
    • Distinguish between variable costs and expenses
    • Calculate gross margin point and profit margins
    • Calculate the  break-even point

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    Qualification and Certification

    • Identify the relevant and corresponding qualifications and certification needs of the enterprise
    • Targeted assistance to enterprises towards relevant skills and certification requirements
    • Customized standard operating procedures
    • Use internal audit for mock qualification and certification external audit

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    Financial Reporting and

    Decision Analysis

    • Integrate and verify the financial data entered by the control accountant with the business data
    • Design multi-dimensional revenue, cost, and expense data logic as needed 
    • Accurately present corporate gross profit and asset statements and provide guidance to enterprises through statement analysis.

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    Planning, Budgeting,

    Forecasting and Strategy

    • Planning and budgeting are extensions of good financial models. The financial model can be a measure of profit. The budget can be the budget of cash or the business budget of different dimensions, such as the wastage of goods. 
    • Carry out strategic analysis, such as SWOT, PESTEL, porter's five forces model, etc. based on the situation of the enterprise to view and macro analysis. 
    • Calculate can help the newly appointed management personnel fast accounting of enterprise operating costs and business income. In growing businesses, periodic renewal budgets can be strengthened.

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