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Fight against Coronavirus

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我的2020年春节过的特别不踏实。每天醒来第一件事情就是看疫情情况。每天负面的信息不停的传来。相信大家也有同感。 在此衷心支付我们的朋友,合作伙伴和其家人都出入平安。也同时祝福企业家能熬过这段艰辛的时期。希望政府可以尽早在宏观和微观政策层面帮助中小企业度过这段艰难的时期。

My 2020 Spring Festival has been particularly anxious. The first thing I do when I wake up is look at the outbreak situation. Every day, negative information keeps coming in. I believe you share the same feeling. We hereby sincerely pay our friends, partners and their families travel safely. I also wish the entrepreneurs can survive this difficult period. We hope that the government can help SMEs through this difficult period at the macro and micro policy levels as soon as possible.

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