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【Webinar review】Company registration

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Joseph and Cathy brought us a wonderful webinar on company registration in China last afternoon and many new friends join the online discussion. We hope that the webinar has provided with you useful information and refreshing ideas.   For those who regret missing the webinar, here is a simplifies version for your reference.   A. Fundamental knowledge of company registration in China 1. The most practical bureaus      - Municipal commission of commerce      - Administration of market regulation      - State administration of foreign exchange      - State taxation administration  2. Company types        - Introduction of five basic types 3. Foreign debt   B. Financial and legal liability 1. Investment capital 2. Business scope 3. Registration address 4. Responsibilities   C. Company registration process (within 2 months)   D. Experience sharing of setting up business in China (4 useful tips)   E. Update of foreign investment law 1. Pre-establishment citizen treatment 2. The three laws 3. The principle of equality 4. Preferential terms 5. Facilitate financing 6. Strengthen protection of intellectual property rights and transfer of      technology   For more detailed information, please contact us directly or leave a messages backstage and we'll send you the review link.   TEL: 17317519319
Wechat:  469334414 E-mail:   The next session will be on 19th of May about obtaining legal work permit in China with guest speaker and we'll release more information about it in a few days, see you then!