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Hail the hero! Unforgettable unity of every moment!

Last night this morning,All the people in net prayed.

Just for one doctor -- Li wenliang.

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In the intensive care unit, we tried our best to save the patient.

However, the miracle finally failed to happen, the life for everyone warning of the hero left us forever!

Dr. Li wenliang, go all the way!

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Since the development of the epidemic, Fintegrity is not only concerned about the spread of the epidemic in the whole country every day, but also deeply admired and awed by the touching moments of unity in the face of the epidemic that pour into our sight!

Whether it is committed to the war without hesitation the first line of medical staff; Fellow citizens at home and abroad who have struggled to donate mask supplies; Even a word to dissuade strangers from wearing masks when they go out... Are writing the 2020 Spring Festival this unforgettable moment!

"The country is in trouble, I will help, don't write my name!"

An old sanitation worker came to the police station's registered residence, put a paper bag on the counter, the staff got up to ask, the old man just said "in that paper bag wrapped" and left in a hurry.

The clerk opened the paper and saw only twelve thousand dollars in cash.

The old man was later found by a reporter and told only, "if the country is in trouble, I will help. Don't write my name and don't report me."

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"Empty cars in Wuhan now!"

On January 26, 2020, a reporter from the Yangtze river daily newspaper came to wuhan bridge for a live broadcast. Facing the empty road, he choked up several times. My Wuhan now has no sports car!"

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"You come back safely, I pack a year housework!"

When his wife was about to leave for wuhan, a husband cried from the window of his bus, "you come back safely.

This is a husband in the wife before the adventure can say the most touching love words, and the most helpless encouragement!

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"My girls give you, you do not bring back, I will not forgive you!"

"So many girls, I gave them to you! If you don't bring it back, I will not forgive you!"

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This is a war, and every one of us caught up in the epidemic is a soldier.

And each happened in our side of the war epidemic story, is the most precious mark of this special period!


Prevention and control of the epidemic, Fintegrity always with you!

We cheer together, together through the difficulties! Waiting and hoping together:

Wuhan! Get well soon!

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