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The truth behind Huawei's massive layoffs.

Recently,"Huawei would rather risk 1 billion yuan in compensation to get rid of 7,000 employees." The news spread like wildfire.

Do not think that layoffs are scaremongering, layoffs are all around us.

The truth of downsizing, after all, is that the company's need for employee value is not being met.

At the same time, in contrast to the layoffs, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the growing demand for financial personnel is increasingly strong.

Because, as the company grows, CEOs who have worked their way up and down the entrepreneurial ladder are discovering more and more how important a good CFO is to the sustainability of a business.

And a private enterprise without a stable and effective financial security system is like a car speeding down the highway without a safety belt and airbags. The faster a business grows and the more successful it becomes in the marketplace, the greater the risk.

I remember that in 《Chapter 6 of the big loss》, Wu Xiaobo wrote "Aido VCD", which is still remembered by most people born in the 1980s.

Aido's field and technical management is first-class, brand image is intact, marketing is good. It can be said that aido from beginning to end also did not have what investment error or fixed assets investment too much and other aspects of the problem.

The only problem that can cause a sudden and deadly choking: financial operations.

According to the relevant information, Aido appears a huge amount of unknown loss of funds, financial management is very chaotic, the financial system is very fragile, can not withstand any wind and rain......

The case of "Aido" does not exist in isolation. The growth history of these enterprises has repeatedly proved such a truth:

The biggest threat to a startup's growth after it passes the market stage is a lack of proper focus on finance and an inadequate and efficient financial system.

It could be a lack of liquidity, it could be an inability to raise capital for sustained expansion, it could be an inability to control spending, inventories and receivables, any of which, even for a brief period, could be fatal.

How to do? To learn to use the outside brain, professional problems to find professional people to solve.

Among the startup CEOs contacted by Fintegrity, they are thirsty for CFOs, but hard to find!

They expect the CFO to do too many things: external financial reports, tax, accounting, finance, public, budget, financial analysis, capital, financial process construction, coupled with the startup someone must first bear the business analysis, salary, recruitment, performance, compliance, administrative, business process construction, coordination and collaboration between government departments...

Think about the money you have, and think about the fact that even if the person has the ability to top 1, is it realistic?

Therefore, it may take a long time to find a satisfactory candidate in the market, luck, patience and not necessarily success.

So, for the dilemma faced by SMEs, how to find such a talent can meet the financial needs of SMEs?

Fintegrity's financial services meet all your financial needs.

Fintegrity is an integrated financial services company that provides integrated accounting, financial management, legal, tax and financing services with CFO services as its core. It provides dedicated CFOs to every corporate client, with leading and experienced partners in each service area.

As mentioned in the previous two posts, Fintegrity provides the Shared CFO section. You can see it in the history article.

Among Fintegrity's customers, there are many cases where Fintegrity's financial services have changed the fate of an enterprise.

Enterprise A is now A company with nearly 100 employees. Its successful transformation was realized after they chose CFO service of Fintegrity.

After Fintegrity took over the financial work of A, the CEO of the company could spare time to cultivate the company's sales team, cooperate more closely with agents, develop new products and raise funds for the company. The rapid development of A is because the CEO can focus on the organizational structure, because he has A trustworthy and excellent CFO to ensure the specific operation and financial issues. This is also an important reason why A can achieve so much in 2019.

Of course, Fintegrity has seen many companies miss opportunities because they don't have a good CFO, even though they have great products or services; I've also seen companies go bankrupt or fire their ceos because of lack of financial control or planning; I've seen companies get sued for stupid things they didn't do before...

In short, I can't think of a more powerful helper than Fintegrity's CFO service in meeting the financial needs of SMEs and allowing CEOs to reach their full potential.

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