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The 2,000 RMB in book, gave him project of RMB 1 billion

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Remember the movie "the richest man in Xihong city"? (it doesn't matter if you don't remember, I suggest you review it.)

The movie mainly tells the story of the hero in order to inherit 30 billion yuan of inheritance, he needs to spend RMB 1 billion within 30 days reasonably and legally, and can't leave any assets.

In order to supervise male master, fair party sent an accountant (female master) to make financial records, responsible for the RMB one billion running water bill! But also in a month clear settlement can not give a little mistake!

At the end of the story, 1 billion was spent immediately, but the account of 2000 yuan was not correct!

RMB 2000 vs 1 billion, one in 500,000!

Such a small amount, ultimately became the key to the success of the RMB 1 billion project! If the account is not on the number, is to do false account, will produce wrong account!

Finally, she with professional accounting skills, found out because an employee did not report, that is, because of this small RMB 2000, indirectly exposed the fund manager's plot, so that the real protection of the company, for the security of the company's funds on an extremely safe insurance door!

Although the reality may not appear so exaggerated things, but the film told us a very realistic truth: an excellent and rigorous accountant, is absolutely indispensable to the existence of enterprises.

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From movies to reality~

Not long ago, Alibaba's successful ipo proved how important a good financial team can be.

Earlier, huawei paid high salaries to hire financial accountants on the list of top searches.

If you search the salary of accounting executive of Huawei on the recruitment website, you will find that Huawei has updated the salary standard in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities, and the basic offer price is around RMB 20,000 to 30,000, which is higher than the standard of financial manager of many companies.

Behind the high salary, the influence and role of financial accounting personnel of Huawei can be seen!

From the distant reality, let's talk about the examples around us~

Among the clients served by Fintegrity, there are many enterprises that are struggling due to the neglect of financial accounting.

Company A is an education and training institution. When the company was founded, the boss did not pay attention to finance, so he invited A new person who was not professional to keep accounts. The accounts were very messy.

Professional accountant knows, the opening cost of prophase has a part to want to write down cost, and as to groom cost, below the circumstance that still does not satisfy the condition that income affirmatory, it is to cannot affirmatory income, and ability after should satisfy a condition undertakes apportion affirmatory. Can't say what did not do to the next year's training fees are counted in the current period, so accounting, the company's profits in the first year is quite considerable.

Therefore, the boss is very happy, the next year intends to expand reproduction, and then rent a few stores. But later found that the company is making money on the statement, the account cash has been reducing, but how? Finally, they found Fintegrity to help them check and clean up the accounts. They found out that they not only made no money, but also lost a lot. The presence of Fintegrity saved the company nearly a million dollars in losses!

80% of enterprise risk comes from financial risk, and the financial risk mainly comes from improper accounting treatment.

Sometimes a careless proof of charge to an account, very likely can bring huge tax risk to the enterprise! Similarly, the closing of a small accounting hole can save a business or even turn it around.

As small and medium-sized enterprises, is even more so!

With small and medium-sized enterprises, small and micro enterprises have opened the establishment of bookkeeping agency came into being.

Although the ministry of finance also issued the bookkeeping management measures, but there is no institution for its strict supervision, which led to the disorderly development of the bookkeeping industry! All kinds of operating without license, low - priced malicious competition emerge in endlessly.

Remember last year, the whole industry is mocking low accounting.

Low - cost bookkeeping and low - quality accounting often bring hidden costs and risks to the company.

For example, at the end of December, only a few thousand RMB remained in the bank account declared by an enterprise to the tax bureau. In fact, the bank balance is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This situation is very extreme but it is not uncommon in the small and medium-sized enterprise bookkeeping market. This brings not only audit problems, if the tax bureau found that there may be suspected of tax evasion. The consequences are predictable.

Finance is the lifeblood of an enterprise! The quality of financial operation is crucial to the development of an enterprise.

As small and medium-sized enterprises, of course, you can choose part-time or bookkeeping agent, but when the choice, must choose suitable high quality accounting services! If blindly only look at the price, the enterprise will not be sustainable development!

So, how to choose high-quality accounting services?

The answer is: Fintegrity!


An integrated financial services company, with CFO services as its core, providing integrated accounting, financial management, legal, tax and financing services for smes. Its mission is to safeguard the financial sustainability of smes.

Professional » »

Fintegrity's accounting quality is controlled and guided by a professional and experienced CFO and an audit level professional team. Report quality can be applied to business analysis and audit, financing, etc. It can greatly reduce the economic loss caused by filling the accounting quality loopholes in the future.

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Fintegrity provides all the services required for business accounting, including:

  • Collect accounting vouchers and edit accounting book covers
  • Provide accounting calculation forms required for closing accounts
  • Provide sound accounting management system (including billing cycle and voucher system)
  • Train the member's staff in financial knowledge and align with our accounting management system
  • Edit customized monthly income statement and balance sheet
  • Invoicing, tax returns, cashier services, etc.

Fintegrity will also customize the service solution according to the business form and project status of the enterprise...

Fintegrity, a choice of thousands of small and medium sized enterprise!

Finally, back to the article mentioned at the beginning of "the richest man in Xihong city", RMB 2000 vs RMB 1 billion, maybe only one half of a million, but without the 2000, there won't be any 1 billion!

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