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Across 2019, in 2020, the enterprise must depends on it!

At the end of the year, looking back on the past year of 2019, accounting policies have been greatly changed, and the trend of accounting industry has become increasingly clear. At present, a large number of enterprises have begun to require accountants (especially management posts) to hold management accounting certificates or have management accounting related experience.

And companies are bidding up candidates for positions in management accounting:

Why is management accounting so popular?

Accounting industry is always realistic, want to go up, either long enough, or experience enough, or the gold content of certificates. There are always several problems in judging accounting ability:

"Can you do financial analysis? Can you manage cost/budget? Have you ever been involved in investment and financing projects? Has the note been passed?" ...

As an accountant, how do you answer?

In fact, these skills have been included in a body of knowledge: management accounting.

Nowadays, ordinary accounting can no longer meet the needs of enterprises. Companies need people with management skills who can plan and make decisions for the core management of the company.

In the future, the real finance will inevitably be the accounting of the integration of industry and wealth, which will integrate financial data with business and provide good decision-making basis for enterprises.

Current situation of management accounting in SMEs

Although management accounting is on the rise in China, many managers of small and medium-sized enterprises have not paid enough attention to it. They believe that the behavior of management accounting is accounting, accounting, and the general financial accounting is no different, the management and decision-making behavior of the enterprise is still the responsibility of the leader. The existence of this kind of cognition causes the phenomenon that management accounting is hard to find in the larger enterprises, while in the small and medium-sized enterprises, it is not necessary for management accounting to exist. For example, among Fintegrity's clients, many managers do not attach importance to management accounting, which leads to the situation that the development of the company is difficult. It was not until Fintegrity took over that they gradually improved.

The development of the society proves that the basic financial work will inevitably be replaced by intelligent technology with the development of The Times. Only the management personnel with more financial skills and professional knowledge can contribute more benefits to the future financial development of enterprises.

The number of small, medium and micro enterprises in China is large, which is a special and important force in China's economic development. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, small, medium and micro enterprises want to stand firm, relying on the support of external forces is obviously not enough, more need to optimize the internal structure and improve operational efficiency. Management accounting caters to this requirement.

Different from the traditional accounting accounting, management accounting based on value, value analysis, value creation and value management framework based on management accounting value ability, combining accounting innovation concept and practice case, according to the characteristics of China's enterprise management from management decision, business model analysis, performance management, cost management, operations management, risk management and internal control, investment and financing analysis, team management and leadership, etc., for the enterprise to make scientific and reasonable financial policy and management strategy, improve enterprise efficiency, help enterprise development.

The emergence of any thing needs to have time and opportunity to brew, management accounting in MSMEs successful cases will be more and more, more and more small business owners will realize the importance of management accounting.

However, after SMEs managers realize the need for management accounting, how to meet this need? After all, as I said at the beginning of this article, management accounting is not cheap these days!

One effective solution is to use a Shared cfo. (for details, please see the previous push article:How to solve financial management challenges? Pro: shared CFO!)

Fintegrity is one such finance company that provides cfo sharing services for smes. It creates a new concept of complete financial service, with CFO service as the core, and CFO controlling accounting quality. In order to enable more smes to benefit from cost-effective CFO financial management, Fintegrity standardizes and classifies CFO financial management to provide flexible and highly customized services for smes.

In Fintegrity service customers, there is a real estate company, Fintegrity provided professional full tube cfo financial services, audit the financial statements, through contrast and analysis, found that the company has several project profit is low, so for them to establish the perfect internal financial management system, open source throttling from ten aspects, through the management, operation and implementation, so as to control and save cost expenditure, increases the income, achieve the profit maximization, creating more value for the company.

It is believed that with the rapid development of "Internet plus" economy, leaders of SMEs will pay more and more attention to management accounting, because this is required by the development of enterprises and the trend of The Times.

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